Writer's Room: Darik Sarin's Apprenticeship (Working Title)

Published on July 30th, 2023 20:56

Open Questions

How do I want to build tension?

The stakes are intended to be personally high, but not socially high. The main source of tension comes from within #DarikSarin, and pay-off is the consequences of navigating those tensions. Some possible places for personal growth:

  • Darik is a bit socially uncomfortable, especially in novel contexts.
  • They feel most comfortable when there is a solid routine,
  • They have a bit of a wanderlust, but don't like short trips.
  • Name-choosing!

How can we leverage and subvert the #HerosJourney?

Part of the low-stakes nature makes it not a hero in the classic sense; so while the steps and structure will likely be heroes-journey-esque, since that's a narrative structure that at the very least seems worth learning how to write not just read.